MAYVILLE (1876 - 1892)


The "Mayville" was built in 1876 at Mayville NY by her owner Captain Alfred Wilcox. She was a side-wheel steamer 149.5 feet long with a 22 foot beam. Her cabins, one on each deck, were large, well furnished and beautifully decorated. She was lauched on April 15, 1876 and began regular trips on June 27th under the command of Captain Neil W. Whitesides.

The "Mayville" was a roomy comfortable boat, but always seemed to need expensive repairs. While active for 9 years, she was slow and couldn't compete with the newer designed, faster boats of the day. One Winter she spent half out of the water at Griffiths Point, in 1882 she battled with the steamer "Cincinnati" vying for customers at the dock. 1884 was the last year she made regular trips. In 1886 she was hauled out of the water at the Outlet with the intention of getting a new hull. This was never done, so for several years she laid tied to the west bank of the Outlet and was used as a carpenter shop and storage room. Finally in 1891 she was sold to Cooper and Howell of Mayville NY for $1.00, towed to Mayville by the steamer "Robert Marvin", where she was finally demolished in the Winter of 1892-93.