"JOHN F. MOULTON" (1880 - 1986)

"NIGHTENGALE" (1887 - 1888)

"MOHAWK" (1889 - 1891)

"CITY OF NEW YORK" (1892 - 1926)


The steamer John F. Moulton was built in Mayville NY in 1880 by Mr. R.J.I. Cooper for the Wegefarth Brothers of Mayville. She was named honoring Mr. John F. Moulton who was then the president of the Buffalo and Southwestern Railway. The "J.F. Moulton" was 132 feet long with a 26 foot beam. She lauched May 13, 1880 under the comman of Captain G.A. Wegefarth.

Up until 1886 she was overhauled several times and then from late 1886 into 1887 she was refitted with a single engine, propellor and funnel. The steamer was renamed the "Nightengale" and relaunched on July 15, 1887. On June 1, 1889 her named was changed again to the "Mohawk". Then finally in 1892 she received the name "City of New York".

In 1903 after the steamer "City of Chicago" burned, the "City of New York" became the largest boat on the lake and took over her picnic and excursion duties.

After the Chautauqua Lake Navigation Company suspended service on the lake in 1925, the "City of New York" was tied up at the Boatlanding in Jamestown, NY until the Celoron Amusement Company purchased her. On August 29, 1926 she was burned at Celoron Amusement Park as part of a gala spectacle. After, her hull was towed to near Maple Bay where it was sunk.